The federal court in Camden recently ruled on issues of alleged DEFAMATION in a case that was removed from state court to federal court. Judge Noel L. Hillman ruled on June 10, 2015 on the issue of whether the plaintiff had sufficiently plead the facts underlying his claim of defamation. Because the standards of federal court pleadings have been ruled to be higher than in the typical state court complaint, the judge reviewed the complaint under federal law. The federal judge ruled that the complaint was sufficiently plead even under federal standards. The plaintiff had alleged that his prior defendants had stated orally to "high level officers" of the company which currently employed him that plaintiff was going to be criminally charged with rape between the end of 2013 and the summer of 2014 with the intent to harm his professional and personal reputation. This ruling did to go to the truth or falsity of the claims, but rather only to whether the allegations met the federal standard for pleading in a complaint. My above summary also does not go to the issue of the truth or falsity of the allegations.  (Carl Diantonio vs Vanguard Funding, LLC, et al. Civil No. 14-4526 (NLH/JS) June 10 2015.)