Care that corporations are eliminating your constitutional right to jury trial?

If the right to bear arms was being eliminated, the outcry from many Americans would be deafening. Yet silently corporations are eliminating your right to have a jury trial. You will probably unknowingly tie up this right if you apply for a job, shop online, place a relative in a nursing home, apply for a credit card. There will be a clause buried in the fine print that you must go to arbitration and not a jury. 

So what? you might say. Aren't arbitrators neutral? Statistics show that in most types of arbitrations the arbitrators hold in favor of the corporation over the individual 80% of the time. Does that sound like they're neutral? Arbitrators are usually selected by corporations over and over again and it can be a lucrative source of income for the lawyers that arbitrate. Why would they want to bite the hand of the corporations that give them most of their 'return business'? Also, most arbitration awards are not appealable. Also, the right to class actions are largely eliminated. If your phone company overcharges you $250, what lawyer would take your $250 case? The only way to seek justice is if thousands of customers are involved in a class action. Again, that right is being wiped away from the court system.

Some legislators care. Some judges care. It will take citizen support to regain your constitutional right to a jury trial, however.