Although its formal final report may be many months in the future, the NTSB did render a Preliminary Report on the May 12, 2015 Amtrak derailment. As previously reported, the train was speeding at 106 mph at the Frankford Junction curve posted at 50 mph. The locomotive and all seven (7) passenger cars derailed. Eight people were killed  and over 200 were transported to hospitals. As of now no anomalies were found in the braking systems, signals or track geometry, but the investigation continues. The Engineer's cell phone was used that day but it is not clear yet whether or not it was dying the time the train was operated. The NTSB is looking at the Event Recorder ("Black Box"), outward facing video, recordings of radio communications, and surveillance video. So far it does not appear that a thrown object or a bullet caused the derailment.

As the federal court-appointed Lead Counsel for all class actions filed in the District of NJ in the Paulsboro, NJ Conrail derailment, I know that the final NTSB report may not be forthcoming for a very long time.

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