2017 Asbestos Verdicts

The following is an incomplete but interesting list of verdicts in asbestos litigation around the country:

NY City $75 million

Baltimore $14.5 million

CertainTeed verdict $10 million

NY City $16.5 million

Tacoma, Wash $85.5 million

Foster Wheeler verdict $3 million

NY City $20 million

Crane verdict $6.7 million

Oakland, Calif $5.3 million

Oregon $5.7 million

Crosby Valve/Fisher Controls verdict $300,000

Oakland, Calif $13 million

NY City $4.3 million

Crosby Valve/Fisher Controls $840,000

Boston, Mass $7.5 million

Tremco verdict $5 million

Suffolk County, NY $13.6 million

Seattle, Wash $975,000

Asbestos Talc verdict $17.6 million

Triple-A verdict $24.2 million

Philadelphia PA $957,000

San Francisco, Calif $2.8 million

There have been other verdicts, including verdicts in favor of the defendants. Also, the facts and law in these trials may be different than in a case you have or know about, and these verdicts are not listed as any guarantee of similar results in other trials, nor are they listed as verdicts that are likely to be achieved in other trials.