Mesothelioma Victim Exposed to J&J Talc Wins $25,752,508.16 Verdict

A jury on May 23, 2018 rendered a verdict in favor of a plaintiff who has pleural mesothelioma, agreeing with her that the J&J talc which she used was a substantial contributing factor to arising the disease.  The jury awarded her $21, 752,508.16 and then added $4 million in punitive damages. The jury was unanimous 12-0 on every question on the Verdict Sheet. They held J&J 67% liable (because she was also exposed to asbestos elsewhere). 

If you or a loved on have mesothelioma and were exposed to talc powder, please contact me for  free legal advice and free review of the facts of your case. Any fee would only occur should you actually receive a settlement or verdict.