Products that may contain Asbestos

If you have worked with or been exposed to the products below, you may have been exposed to asbestos:

Asbestos cement Asbestos cloth Brakes Breakers
Ceiling tiles Clutches Compressors Drywall
Electrical cable/wire Electrical controls/meters Felt Fireproofing
Floor tile Foundry Furnaces Gaskets
Insulation Joint compound Machinists Millboard
Motors Packing Pipe insulation/covering Pumps
Raw fiber Refractory cement or other products Rock wool Roofing cement/ felt/tar/sealant
Shingles Siding Switchgears Thermocouples
Transformers Transmissions Turbines Valves
Welding rods Yarn

Asbestos in the Workplace

If you have worked in any of these jobs you may have been exposed to asbestos:

Boilermaker Carpenter Construction Crain operator
Deckhand Electrician Forklift operator General laborer
Grinder Inspector Insulator Iron worker
Longshoreman Machinist Mechanic Millwright
Navy Personnel Oil field worker Oiler Pipe cutter
Pipefitter Plumber Railroad Rigger
Roofer Seaman Shipbuilder Steam fitter
Steel worker Technician Weldder Many others

Possible Exposure Sites

A and P Bakery A.O. Polymer Acands


All Souls Hospital

Allen Industries

Allied Chemical  Corp.

Allied Corporation

Amerada Hess

Amerada Hess Corp.

American Agricultural Chemical

American Cyanamid

American Cyanamid Chemical Plant

American Insulation

American Standard Inc.

American Stores Warehouse

Anaconda Co.

Anheuser Busch Arc Mercer, Inc. AT&T

Atlantic City Convention Hall

Atlantic City Electric Co.

Atlantic Refining Co.

Auto Warehouses, Inc.

Bakelite Co.


Bank of New Jersey

BASF Plant

Bayway Refinery

Beaunit Mills

Bell Telephone Co.


Benjamin Moore and Co.

Bergenfield High School

Berkely Chemical Corp.

Berkely Heights Elementary School

Bethlehem Steel Bethlehem Steel Shipyard

BF Goodrich Tire Co.

Bradford Securities Operations, Inc.

Brown Athletic Building At Rutgers University

Burnt Hills Boston Lake School

Kimble Glass Co. Koppers Co.

Lady of Lourdes Hospital

Lakehurst Naval Hospital

Lawler Electric Co.

Lederle Labs

Lincoln Transit Co.

Linden Generating Station

Livingston Telephone Building

Lumber Store, Inc.

Lyndhurst High School

Marcal Paper

Mill Mateo Chemical

Maxwell Air Force Base

Maxwell House

Mercer Generating Station

Merck Sharp and Dohme

Micro Modul Department

Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing

Missile Master Facility

Mobil Oil

Mobil Oil Refinery

Mohawk Refining Corp.

Monsanto Chemical Co.

Morgan County Metals Corp.

Morristown Memorial Hospital

Municipal Electric Utilities

National Biscuit

National Distributors Co

National Gypsum Company

National Industrial Laundries

National Lead Co.

Naval Air Station

Naval Ammunition Depot

Naval Weapons Station Earle

Nestle Co.

New Jersey Department of Labor and Industry

New Jersey State Hospital

New Jersey State Teachers College

New Millford High School

New York Port Authority

New York Shipbuilding Corporation

Newark Airport

Cadillac Dog Food

Caldors Shopping Center

California Oil

Calton Homes, Inc.

Camden Courthouse and Jail

Campbell's Soup Plant

Cape Liberty Cruise Port

Carter Products Co.


Central Railroad

Central Region High School

Chambers Works

Charles S Wood and Co

Chemical Manufacturing Co.

Cherry Hill High School

Chile Exploration

CK Liquidation Corp.

Claridge Hotel

Clifton High School

Coastal Oil Refinery

Colgate Palmolive

Collins and Akin

Colonnade Apartments

Combustion Engineering

Congoleum Corporation

Consolidates Felspar Corp.

Construction Aggregates

Continental Airlines

Continental Can

Cook College at Rutgers University

Cooper Medical Center

Cosden Chemical Coatings

Crane Co.

Crescent Par Towers

Duck Island Power House

DuPont Chemical

Eastern Laboratory

Edinboro State Teachers College

EI Dupont De Nemours and Co.

Engineering Development Center

Enterprise Steel Fabricators

Esso Refinery

Esso Standard Oil


Exxon Corporation, Bayway Refinery and Chemical Plant

Exxon Elizabeth  ·

Fairlawn Erie RR

Federal Chemical

NJ Prison Farm

NJ Training School

Nopco Chemical

Nuodex Products Co.

Nyack Hospital

OC Berlin Plant

Olin Mathieson Chemical

Owens Corning Fiberglass

Owens Illinois Glass Co.

Pabco Factory

Pabst Brewing Co.

Pan American Sulphur Chambers

Panasonic Corporation of North America

Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines aka Conrail Railroad


Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines aka Conrail Railroad


Performing Arts Center at Rutgers University


Pitt Consolidated Chemical

Plainfield High School

Princeton Hospital Princeton University

Prudential Insurance Co.

Public Service

Public Service Electric & Gas Co. Generating Station

Public Service Electric and Gas

Public Services

Public Services Electric and Gas Co

Pure Oil Co. Quaker Oats

Rahway High School

Raritan Arsenal


Refined Products Reichhold Chemical ResynCorp

Rexall Chemical Co.

Rheems Factory

Ridgewood High School

Robert A Keasbey Co.

Rumson Elementary School

Rutgers University

Rutgers University Research Laboratory

Rutgers University, Newark

RW Denny & Buckley & Co. SB Thomas Inc.

Schiavone Construction Co.

Schickhouse Division of Swift and Co. Scientific Design Co.

Federal Shipbuilding and Dry Doc Co.

Federal Transportation

Fisher Scientific Co.

Ford Motor Co.

Foster Wheeler

Fuller Brush Company

Gates Construction

Gates-Atlantic Marine Construction

General Motors

General Motors Plant

General Tire and Rubber

Gibbs and Hill

Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea, Inc.

Great Atlantic and Pacific  Tea Company

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co.

Greenwich Station

Haddon Hall Hotel

Harshaw Chemical

Hatco Corp.

Hatfield Wire and Cable Co.

Hercules Powder Co.

Hess Oil

Hess Oil Refinery

Hess Refinery

Heyden Newport Chemicals

Hillsdale Telephone Building

Hoffman Laroche

Holy Name Hospital

Honeywell, Inc.

Hudson County Hospital

Hudson Generating Station

Humble Oil

Humble Oil Keystone Sheet Metal Works

Ideal Farms Building

Immaculate Conception School

Industrial Liquid Chemical

Ingersoll Rand Plant

Intermediate School

Jefferson Township School District

Jersey Central Power and Light

Johansen Co.

Johansen March Co.

John F Kennedy Hospital

John Sykes Co.

Johns Manville Products Corporation

Johnson & Johnson Plant

Jo-Mar Builders


Kellogg Company

Sears Roebuck

Shell Oil

Singer Manufacturing Co.

Skillman Village Power plant

Somerset Hospital

Squibb Pharmaceutical Plant

St. Catherine of Siena

St. James High School

St. John's housing

St. Lukes Episcopal Church

Standard Oil

Standard Tank Cleaning

Standard Uniform Service

Stevens Institute of Technology

Suburban Transit

Sun Oii-Sunoco

Systra Engineering, Inc.

1J1. Edison School

Texaco Oil

Texaco, Inc., Bayonne Terminal

Thiokol Chemical

Titan Southeast Construction

Todd Shipyard


Totowa Memorial School

Trybee Co.

Tung Sol Electric Inc.

U.S. Pipe & Foundry Co.


Union Carbide Building

United Cork Co.

United States Testing Company, Inc., Hoboken

US Metals

Valero Oil

Waldrich Bleachery

Ward Banking Co.

Warner Plant

Weeks Dredging & Contracting

Western Electric

Westvaco Mineral Products

Wiglers Bakery

Woolsulate Corp.

WR Grace Wayne Interim Storage Site, Passaic County

Wyandotte Chemical Corp

York Insulation Co. Youngs Rubber Co.

Youth Correction Center

Zonolite Company/W.R. Grace facility in Hamilton